Getting Started

Check out the video to understand how to get up and running with TrendSend. Here are the basic steps you have to get to launching your metrics tracking program.

  1. Start your trial
  2. Create an organization
  3. Create the levels of the organization
  4. Create a tracker
  5. Your tracker will be in testing mode to start and so you're going to want to do some tests but first
  6. Design the form. Add number questions, headings, etc
  7. If you want, you can create fake filing periods so that fake people can enter fake numbers. This way then can proof your form for you. BTW, this is all optional. You could just unilaterally create the form.
  8. If you created fake periods and filings and you want to go live, you are probably going to want to remove those fake things. You can use our calendar tool to do that.
  9. When ready to go live, simply switch it to "live" and it will start firing the emails on the daily, weekly, monthly schedule that you have set.