Importing Contacts

Again, we realize that you will likely have an external contact database and that you will want to keep TrendSend up to date with your latest contacts. So, you run imports. You can run an import any time you want and then you can choose whether you want to ADD, EDIT or DELETE contacts. For example, maybe you've been happily running TrendSend for a month and you are measuring your employees. You typically have ten thousand or so employees and people come and they go. Well, when you run the import you can have it add the new employees, update any whose emails might have changed and make inactive those that have left.

To do an import you must create a CSV file. The import tool will prompt you for the type of contacts you are adding, where in the hierarchy to place the new contacts, and will give you the option to create parent-child relationships. After specifying the type of entity (or contact), a table of how your CSV file should be constructed will be displayed. When creating your CSV it is important that each column have a single header row and that columns are in the order displayed in the import tool. After uploading or providing a URL to your CSV import file, you will be able to review the import results before finalizing the import.