An introduction and initial walk-through of TrendSend

TrendSend allows you to setup surveys or forms that we call trackers. You then survey "your people" at some frequency - either daily, weekly or monthly. "Your people" could be employees, divisions, local offices, vendors, agents, customers, reps, churches, volunteers, stores and so on. The idea is, you are the boss and you need a simple way to know what's going on - to know how key metrics are trending.
TrendSend is different than a survey product because it's meant for you to capture key metrics over to reveal trends. And because it is email-based. It emails the people a link to fill out their form.
Let's say you decide to survey your employees on a daily basis. Maybe you want to ask them a couple of key data points like, "How many phone calls did you make?" and "How many minutes did you excercise?" You'd create a tracker, give it a name and setup a frequency. In this example, you want it to go out daily at 6 PM. Then, every day at 6 PM, your employees would get an email with a simple link for them to fill out the form.
On the reports side, you can see this data trending over time. This allows you to see what's going on and take actions as needed.
You can also build out levels in your organizational hierarchy and roll the data up. For example, maybe you want to run this tracker nationally. You'd setup regions and then within regions you have states and within states you have counties and within that you have cities and within that are your employees. You'd be able to see the reports at any of these levels.
The question is: how can TrendSend work for your organization? What would you like to know the pulse of in your organization? What would you like your people to improve upon?