You can create data feeds for your trackers. This way external applications can make use of the data. For example, you could create an XML data feed and subscrible Microsoft Excel to the feed and do your own reports in it. You could create a CSV feed and subscribe a Google Spreadsheet to it and do reports and charts. You could have an external website consume the data feed and do different custom reports. You can bring the data into other databases and merge it with other data.

To create feed, hit the "add a new feed" link on the feeds page. Here are the parameters of a feed.
A feed has four parameters it accepts and if you specify those parameters, or bake them in, when you create the feed, then you cannot specify them in the URL.
  • start - if you do not specify a start date in the feed or the feed URL, then it will default to the beginning date of the current year.
  • end - if you do not specify an end date in the feed or the URL, then it will default to the last date of the current year.
  • format - the URL parameter is fmt. The available formats are: CSV, XML or HTML. The default is CSV
  • contact id - the URL parameter is contactid. This is the id of the contact.
Here's an example of how to parameterize a feed after you have created it:
This would get you a feed in xml format with data from 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2020 and for contact id 99