The tracker is the form or survey you create and it has a frequency with which you want to track - either daily, weekly or monthly.
It's got a name. Maybe you are tracking your churches every week and want to ask them a few questions about performance indicators. So, you have to give this tracker a name - maybe you call it "VitalSigns." Or maybe you are tracking your salespeople on a daily basis. You want to know about phone calls, potential leads, etc. Mayb you'd give this a name like "Our leads tracker."
What level you are tracking
You say what level of contacts you are tracking in your organizational hierarchy.
Tracking period
You choose the tracking period - either daily weekly or monthly and the time that you want the tracker email to be sent. 
The tracker filing period and when the email are sent are one and the same.
Email message
You create an email message. This is the text that your people see when they get the filing email.
Adding notes

You can allow your people to add notes to their filings. For example, they might want to say something like, "We had no attendance this week because it snowed."